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I’m watching Masterchef Ireland. Someone has brought in a decomposing rabbit carcass to cook. Whyyyyyyy

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Another younger photo.

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Sara is meant to be six now, so I made her bigger.

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My mum is sending me home next week with a jar of ready-spiced couscous (I DO KNOW HOW TO COOK IT MYSELF, I’M LAZY, GO AWAY i made borek once) the size of my head. I didn’t even know you could buy such a thing. But you can and now I own one, apparently.

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Interact on sloped terrain enabler by nikel23


Often, I command my Sim to chat with someone at a beautiful park. The park has uneven terrain and the Sim is over there on the slope. So my Sim proceeds to approach, adjusts their position, steps backward, steps sideways, steps forward, steps backward, and drops the queue because apparently they’re not smart enough to talk on a slightest slope. I always hate this behavior, and I’m sure you all do.

This mod enables Sims to perform most interactions on sloped terrains.

Info and Download:

Mod The Sims




Graphics Rules Maker program for The Sims 2. Improve Compatibility with Modern Systems!

Please reblog so everyone can get their Sims 2 game working properly, without the hassle of editing the graphics rules and video cards files yourself.

Furthermore we’ll add a SimCity 4 plugin very soon.

Now this is REALLY useful!

Going to download this and see if it helps!!

He should have seen the next question coming.

"Can I have chickens at home?"

"Mmmm, I think the cat would eat them," he replied. "Probably not a good idea."

This was a hideous lie. Jean-Paul Catre was useless when it came to catching other creatures. He’d seen the big useless lump run away from a butterfly.


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